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And welcome to Video stream central where you can find all you're favourite TV shows that have Paranormal Links to them at the forum you are able to view new upcoming and new television series and episodes that are linked with Paranormal views such as the Major TV series on TV.

  • Teen Wolf

  • Fact or Faked

  • Charmed

  • Paranormal Witness

  • Supernatural

  • The Originals

  • Dominion 

Plus Many more...

if you want to add any of your Favourite TV shows to the list then you are most welcome to be apart of the Alpha team who are responsible for brining the latest news TV episodes to be apart of the team just send a email to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and I will respond to you as soon as i see the message 
"in order to be apart of the Alpha Team please be aware you must be at least aged 15 or Over"

This is a chance for people who are unable to see any of the current TV shows that are not being broadcasted in there country to be able to still see and download there favourite TV shows.

To Watch and Download TV Shows you must be a forum Member and pass the legit membership requirement which can be found in the section Download Sign up "there is no cost or requirements to download any of the videos only 1 requirement that is asked can you please respect the uploaded videos and the Quality they are in.

Video Quality: All Videos Must be Least 720p HD Format and only in English please.


P.S I don't do Smiles.

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